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Our Story

Keeping Bizzy was started by Mum of two, Lesley Hill when she wanted some products that were easy to carry around and keep her kids busy while out and about. 


She wants to encourage children's creativity and social interaction and provide alternatives to screen-based entertainment and learning.


Her products have won numerous awards so far, including two Right Start Best Toy awards and a Loved By Parents Award.


The Dry-erase Bizzy Book, Roll-Up Draw Mat and Roll-Up Bizzy Table Runner have been chosen by many parents and childcare providers to encourage children to play, draw, create, count, write, learn and HAVE FUN!!!



Our Promise: 

High Quality 
Unique Products

chalkmats and girls.jpg
Keeping Bizzy Roll-Up Bizzy Mat. Dry-erase mat for gifts, traveling
Keeping Bizzy Dry-erase Bizzy Book
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